Sieve Recommendation?

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Mon Jun 17 12:18:38 EST 1996

We use the following two brass sieves and a bottom pan for hand
cleaning of Arabidopsis seeds. 
Empty siliques are removed with a 355 micrometer testing sieve
(No. 45 A.S.T.M.E-11 spec., Tyler equivalent 42 mesh) and fines
can be removed from retained seeds with a 180 micrometer
(No. 80 A.S.T.M.E-11 spec., Tyler equivalent 80 mesh) testing sieve.
These items are usually found under the category "sieve" in the 
scientific supply catalogs. 

Seed cleaning tip:  Harvest Arabidopsis plants before their stems
become completely dried out, i.e. before all green coloring has faded.

Reason:  When completely air-dried, Arabidopsis stem and leaf
tissue is extremely brittle and crumbles easily to fragments about the
same size as the seeds themselves, making them harder to clean by

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russell at (Russell L. Malmberg) wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a particular seed siever set,
>or standard mesh size screen?
>(for harvesting Arabidopsis seeds).



> Russell L. Malmberg
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