copper-controllable gene expression

Christiane Nawrath Christiane.Nawrath at
Mon Jun 17 12:19:18 EST 1996

Hi everybody,

Last year I saw a message posted that the copper-controllable gene
expression system works in Arabidopsis (Mett et al., PNAS 90: 4567-4571,
1993). I would like to try this system, too, and would like to get into
contact with people who used it successfully. Has anybody transformed
Arabidopsis (Columbia) with the full construct containing the ACE1 and the
GUS cassettes (construct 61) or the construct only containing the GUS
cassette (construct 3) and would be willing to provide me with some seeds
for test experiments?

Thank you in advance.


Dr. Christiane Nawrath
Universite de Fribourg
Institut de Biologie Vegetale
3, rue Albert Gockel
CH-1700 Fribourg

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