NASC WWW server revamp

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Wed Jun 19 06:25:40 EST 1996

Subject: NASC WWW server revamp
From: Mary Anderson and Mike Arnold, NASC

We are pleased to announce that we have totally reorganised
the display of information on the NASC WWW server. We
have taken advantage of one of the latest innovations on the web
which allows faster and easier navigation of information. 
To be able to view the new displays you should be using 
version 2 or later of the Netscape Navigator (which is free to 
academia and can be downloaded through a link  from the 
What's New Page found in the About NASC section on
the server). However, if you do not have access to this, 
do not worry, as all the information will still be available 
using any browser, the display will just not be optimal.
If you do encounter problems with the format of the
display, please contact us at admin at

The server URL (, has not changed but 
be warey of using bookmarks to anything other than the Home Page. 

New information on the server includes all the data associated
with the MOGEN promoter trap lines and just for fun, we have 
included a guided tour of the Centre facilities.

A full demonstration of the new server will be given at the
Electronic Information Resources Workshop at the upcoming
Arabidopsis Meeting at Norwich. Computer demos will be running
throughout the conference. You are invited to come and test drive
the NASC server as well as all the other electronic Arabidopsis 
information resources.

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