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> Postdoctoral Position
> Dartmouth College
> Hanover, New Hampshire 
> A postdoctoral research position is available immediately for up to 3 years to
> study the regulation of the catalase gene family in Arabidopsis.  Catalase
> plays diverse and essential roles in germination, in photorespiration, in
> resistance to oxidative stress, and, possibly, in mediating systemic acquired
> resistance.  The circadian clock gates expression of two catalase genes, CAT2
> and CAT3, to distinct and opposite circadian phases, introducing a critical
> temporal aspect into the study of each of these processes.  (See Zhong et al.,
> 1994.  Plant Physiol. 104:889;  Zhong & McClung, 1996.  Mol. Gen. Genet. 251:
> 196;  Frugoli et al., 1996.  Plant Physiol.:  In press)  The comparative
> analysis of the molecular mechanisms by which the circadian clock regulates
> expression of these two genes should shed light on general mechanisms of clock
> regulation as well as permit insight into the mechanisms by which the clock
> controls circadian phase.  A background in molecular biology and genetics is
> required.  
> If interested, please contact Rob McClung at the Norwich Arabidopsis meeting. 
> Alternatively, send a letter of application, Curriculum vitae, reprints or
> preprints and names, addresses and FAX numbers of 3 references to Dr. C.
> Robertson McClung, Department of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College, 6044
> Gilman Lab, Hanover, NH  03755-3576.  Telephone (603)646-3940; FAX
> (603)646-1347.  Dartmouth College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action
> employer.
> A few words about Dartmouth:  Dartmouth is a small, Ivy League university with
> an undergraduate body of about 4300 and a graduate and professional school
> enrollment of approximately 850.  We offer Ph.D programs in all of the
> Sciences;  there is an extensive group whose research interests are focused on
> cellular, molecular and developmental biology.  This includes researchers from
> Dartmouth Medical School and the Thayer School of Engineering, as well as from
> the Chemistry and Biological Sciences departments of the College.   
> We are situated in Hanover, a traditional New England town in the heart of
> winter skiing and summer lake resort areas.  The campus is on the Connecticut
> River, which forms the border between New Hampshire and Vermont.  The
> Appalachian Trail runs through Hanover.  We are only a two hour drive from
> Boston and a three hour drive from Montreal, providing ample opportunities for
> sampling big city life.     

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