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Brian Osborne bosborne at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun May 5 23:44:46 EST 1996

>I thought some of you might be interested in  knowing we have added
>a  free demonstration version of Genome Tracker to our home page
>(  Genome Tracker is an
>inventory database, for Macintosh users, designed to keep track of your
>stocks of'your-favorate-organism'.  In addition it can be used to keep
>track of different experiments including genetic experiments (each
>record includes information on parent stocks used in a cross and a family
>tree can be generated).  We welcome any comments you may have.  Thank
>Kim D. Pruitt, Ph.D.
>Salt City Software
>7744  Sotherden Dr.
>Liverpool,  NY 13090
>e-mail: 70761.2216 at


I thought you might be interested to know that the individual above
was specifically cautioned against posting commercial notices to BIOSCI
newsgroups, some weeks ago. It is not easy for me to understand a
software author making commercial posts to a group of this type,
because anyone who has been paying attention to USENET over any period
of time realizes such posts are discouraged. However, let us assume
the individual in question made an honest mistake, and was chastised.
How then can the author make a second commercial post, after
such a short period of time, and still claim innocence? I think it is more
likely that the individual has chosen to act against the express wishes
of the newsgroup.

It's free, easy advertising. What would these newsgroups be like if all
software companies considered themselves to be exceptions to the admonition
not to bombard us with their posts? My apologies for wasting your time with
these thoughts, but I am annoyed...

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