Larkins and Somerville elected to NAS

C. S. Prakash Prakash at ACD.TUSK.EDU
Mon May 6 12:59:05 EST 1996

Ihave recently learnt that Dr. Brian Larkins of University of Arizona and
Dr. Chris Somerville of Carnegie Institute of Washington at Stanford
University have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences of USA.
Both of them richly deserve this highest honor for a scientist in the
United States.  I congratulate them on behalf of all plant scientists.

 Dr. Larkins is well known for his pioneering research on genetic
engineering of storage proteins in plants while Dr. Somverville has
conducted oustanding research on Arabidopsis including alteration of oil
quality and production of biodegradable plastics.  Plant science is very
enriched by the recognition of these two pioneers.

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