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hsiehm01 at MCRCR6.MED.NYU.EDU hsiehm01 at MCRCR6.MED.NYU.EDU
Tue May 14 17:18:54 EST 1996

I posted a question about inducible promoter in the network last month. 
The following is the only response I got. Good luck, guys.

Ming-Hsiun Hsieh

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Subject: inducible promoter 

Dear Dr. Hsieh,
We successfully induced Ara-4 protein in transgenic Arabidopsis 
by heat shock treatment. We used HSP81-1 promoter of Prof. Komeda's
lab. Please see: Ueda et al., 1996, M.G.G. 250: 533-539.
H. Tsukaya
Inst. Mol. Cell. Biosci.,
The University of Tokyo
1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113 

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