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Mark.Cock at ens-lyon.fr says...
>I would like to insert a short (100 residue) peptide sequence into the N
>terminal end of  GUS whilst retaining GUS activity. Does anyone have any
>experience with using sites in this region of the gene (eg. Nco I, Nde
>IMun I, Dra I, Dra III, etc), for instance to make gene fusions? Did the
>resulting protein have GUS activity?

It will work. There are some pitfalls you need to avoid. Details are 
discussed in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 93: 2219-2223 (1996) and Plant Mol. 
Biol. 15: 821-825 (1990).  Good luck!

Fangcheng Gong


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