Sheng-Yang He hes at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Fri May 17 20:08:59 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues:
    Have you ever observed necrotic lesions on Arabidopsis leaves due to
expression of a foreign gene?  If you do, I would appreciate you sharing the
following information with us:
1. Name and source of the gene.
2. Expression vector used in the experiment.
3. Characteristics of necrotic lesions (e.g., appearance, time of lesion onset,
4. Level of gene expression (high, moderate, or low).
5. Effects of temperature, photoperiod, and humidity on the expression of
6. Any cellular changes associated with cell death (e.g., nuclear condensation,
7. Are transgenic plants more resistant to pathogens?

    Please send your response to hes at pilot.msu.edu.  Thank you very much.

Sheng Yang He
Plant Research Laboratory
Michigan State University

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