Liz Dennis E.Dennis at PICAN.PI.CSIRO.AU
Tue May 21 02:09:30 EST 1996

Dear Jose, We notice that you have submitted a second Arabidopsis adh to the
data base. What are you doing with this clone?. We have a paper nearly ready
for publication on it and were surprised to see you were interested as well.
We don't want to do something without letting you know.
 We have characterised cDNA genomic  enzyme activity and expression
patterns. Hope you are well . I missed you in Minneapolis and Maarten said
you were sick. Regards Liz
Liz Dennis
CSIRO Division of Plant Industry
GPO Box 1600 Canberra  2601
Tel +61-6-2465061
Fax +61-6-2465000

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