vacuum infiltration with AGLI

Jimmy Botella J.Botella at
Wed May 22 01:42:24 EST 1996

Hi everyone!

I am trying to set up the in vivo transformation system in arabidopsis 
using the vacuum transformation method. I have used Landsberg for my 
first two experiments with the agro strain AGLI and the vector pBI121 
(35S-GUS-NOS). The result is: the plants are looking miserable and most 
of them are dead three days after infiltration. The control plants that 
were infiltrated with water are doing great so it is not an excess of 
vacuum what is killing the plants. In the protocol that I have (posted by 
Andrew Bent in Jan '94) they use the agrobacterium strain GV3101pMP90.

Is it so important the choice of strain for this vacuum infiltration 

Is Landsberg the best choice or should I use Columbia?

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!!!!

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