Site-specific recombinases

Toshiharu Ohba tohba at MBOX.KYOTO-INET.OR.JP
Tue May 21 23:49:11 EST 1996

At  6:42 96.5.17 -0700, David Baum wrote:
>Does anybody out there know if any site-specific recombinases (e.g., cre,
>flp) work in Arabidopsis (or other plants)? 

See H.Onouchi Nucleic Acids Research 19: 6373-6378 ;Operation
of an efficient site-specifc recombination system of Zygosaccharomyces
rouxii in tobacco cells.

> Is anybody working on trying
>to get targetted insertion or homologous recombination working in

See Zhong-He Miao and Eric Lam (1995) The Plant Journal 7:359-365 ;Targeted
disruption of the TGA3 locus in Arabidopsis thaliana.

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