IGF-BAC filters

Thomas Altmann altmann at mpimp-golm.mpg.de
Wed May 29 09:13:07 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues,
my recent announcement about the availability of filters covering the
IGF-BAC library of Arabidopsis appearantly caused some irritations.
Therefore I would like to give some more information on this subject:
As The Reference Library Database (RLDB) associated with the department of
Prof. Hans Lehrach at the Max-Planck-Institut fuer molekulare Genetik,
Berlin, has been established as a service for genome projects (including
those of model systems), we thought it was appropriate to take advantage of
their offer to incorporate our library and in this way make it publically
available. This service allows everybody to order filters and to request
individual clones under the regulations of RLDB which includes that users
will be charged for the costs of filter production and the associated
administrative costs (for further information please check the www page,
http://rldb.rz-berlin.mpg.de). The money thus goes to RLDB (which is a
non-profit organization) to cover their costs for this service. To this end
they set up a standard price list which applies to all libraries dealt with
at RLDB. The difference in the prices charged to (EC-) Europeans in
comparison to Non-EC, US/Canada, and Rest of the World - people is due to
the substantial fraction of funding of the RLDB by the EC. Further (minor)
differences in prices are due to slightly different administrative costs.
I hope this answers the major questions raized.

To fully confuse you, the whole system and the regulations will be changed
very soon (probably by the beginning of June) since RLDB has been
transformed into Das Ressourcenzentrum / Primaerdatenbank (RZPD) des
Deutschen Humangenom Forschungskonzeptes which primarily is funded through
the German government. This will involve that a single basic price
(covering the costs for filter production and clone / library handling
which will be around the current charges for EC users) will be charged to
every user, regardless of his/her nationality, plus the costs for shipment.
The German bureaucracy, however, will require that every user will have to
register at RZPD and to sign a contract of cooperation.

I hope that our decision to incorporate our BAC-library into RLDB / RZPD
was right and that many of you will take advantage of this service.

By the way, the total IGF-BAC library has been sent to all labs (European
and US) that requested it for its use in the Arabidopsis genome projects.

With best wishes,

Thomas Altmann

Thomas Altmann
Max-Planck-Institut fuer molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 25, Haus 20
14476 Golm

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