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Dear Arabinetters,
I'm doing a T-DNA tagging project in the model legume Lotus japonicus
looking for genes that are expressed during the plant response to
Rhizobium. To decide about the size of the screening I have to do, it would
be very useful to me to know any information about the number of genes
specifically expressed in roots compared with the house-keeping ones. Do
you know if anybody has done a rough estimation of these number in
Arabidopsis or other plants?

Dr. Maurizio Chiurazzi
Intern. Instit. of Genet. and Bioph.
Via Marconi 10, 80135, Naples, Italy,
fax 39-81 5936123

Please see the Plant Physiol. (1993) 103: 359-370.  In this article, I carried
out RNA gel blot analyses with the 10 database-matched root cDNA clones.  The
result will give you an initial information about your question.

Hope this helps,
June M. Kwak
Department of Life Science
POSTECH, Pohang 790-784
Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea

From: bobg at (Bob Goldberg)
Subject: Re: root specific genes

The best measurements out there are -- Kamalay and Goldberg (1980) Cell
19,935 and Kamalay and Goldberg (1984) PNAS 81,2801 or a summary in
Goldberg (1988) Science 240, 1460.  The measurements are very precise for
all tobacco organ systems -- for root there are about 7,000 SPECIFIC genes
-- meaning encoding polysomal mRNAs detectable only in the root.  I don't
usually "toot" my own horn -- but there are no better quantitative
comparisons.  After you read the papers, email me with any questions.  bob

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