mutant seeds

Sandra Johnson sjohnson at
Mon Nov 25 10:32:24 EST 1996

A recent model which describes root foraging behavior distinguishes 
between growth that is search behavior vs growth which is the 
consequence of nutrient uptake. In thinking about how I might test 
this model, it occurred that a mutant plant that would uptake, but 
not assimilate the nutrient in question could be used. I know that 
there is an Arabidopsis mutant which does not produce nitrate 
reductase. I assume that this plants uptakes, but does not assimilate
N. Is there a mutant that cannot assimilate phosphate? How could I go 
about getting seeds of such mutants for experiments?

Any information you can offer will be appreciated.
Please send responses to sjohnson at

Thanks for your help.

Sandra Johnson
University of Kentucky
Center for Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

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