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new stocks from ABRC

Randy Scholl scholl at ABRC1.BIOSCI.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Wed Oct 30 16:11:06 EST 1996

  Transposon seed stocks, Mi mapping and Green Fluorescent Protein clones now
                        available from ABRC

Several important new stocks, which are described below, are now available
from ABRC.

1. Mapped DS transposon and Ac transposase lines from the N. Fedoroff
        (D. Smith, Y.-G. Liu, Y. Yanai, S. Ishiguro, K. Okada, 
        D. Shibata, R.F. Whittier and N. V. Fedoroff. 
        Plant J. 10:721-732)

Twenty-three new Ds transposon and five new Ac tranposase lines are
available. Ten of the Ds insertions are mapped.  Crosses between the Ds
transposon and Ac transposase lines result in plants with transpositions.
Plants for which these events have occurred can then be selected. These
stocks, along with the already available mapped Ds lines from  B. Baker and
C. Corr (CS8112-CS8136) and the enhancer and gene trap lines from V.
Sundaresan and R. Martienssen (CS8043-CS8049) now provide a dramatically
increased array of transposon tools available for 
insertional mutagenesis.  Consult the AIMS seed search page, http://aims.cps.msu.edu/aims/menu/search1.html ("new seed stocks" item) for
details of the stocks. Links from the database stock descriptions to the
Fedoroff laboratory web pages describing the use of these lines are
provided.  The stock numbers of these lines are listed below along with the
chromosome number of the mapped insertions.

        Stock no.       donor no.               chrom. no.

        CS8509  Ds1 388-3               
        CS8510  Ds1 388-4               
        CS8511  Ds1 388-5               1       
        CS8512  Ds1 388-30              5       
        CS8513  Ds1 388-31              
        CS8514  Ds2 389-2               1       
        CS8515  Ds2 389-5               
        CS8516  Ds2 389-7               
        CS8517  Ds2 389-12              
        CS8518  Ds2 389-13              5       
        CS8519  Ds2 389-14              5       
        CS8520  Ds2 389-25              4               
        CS8521  Ds3 390-1               1       
        CS8522  Ds4 391-20              5       
        CS8523  Ds5 392-9               
        CS8524  Ds5 392-12              1       
        CS8525  Ds5 392-13              5       
        CS8526  Ds5 392-24              
        CS8527  Ds6 393-3               
        CS8528  Ds6 393-9               
        CS8529  Ds6 393-19              
        CS8530  Ds6 393-21              
        CS8531  Ds6 398-5               
        CS8532  Ds4 391-18              
        CS8533  BamAc 364-22-1          
        CS8534  BamAc 364-29-1          
        CS8535  BamAc 374-23-1          
        CS8536  NaeAc 380-6-1           
        CS8537  NaeAc 380-10-1          
        CS8538  NaeAc 380-16-1          

2. Mapping clones donated by Mitsui Plant Biotechnology Research
        (Y-G. Liu, N. Mitsukawa, C. Lister, C. Dean and R. F. Whittier. 
Plant J. 10:733-735)

This large new collection of plasmid mapping clones is now available for
shipping.  These should be especially useful for individuals interested in
positional cloning.  Consult the DNA search page,
http://aims.cps.msu.edu/aims/menu/search2.html to order these clones
and obtain information.

        Stock #  clone name  Map position
        CD3-205   mi15    1-55.7
        CD3-206   mi19    1-75.9
        CD3-207   mi30    4-73.1
        CD3-208   mi32    4-84.5
        CD3-209   mi51    4-11
        CD3-210   mi54    2-55.1
        CD3-211   mi61    5-101.1
        CD3-212   mi62    1-55.7
        CD3-213   mi63    1-74.9
        CD3-214   mi69    5-122.1
        CD3-215   mi70    5-123.2
        CD3-216   mi72    1-81.7
        CD3-217   mi74    3-1.2
        CD3-218   mi79a   2-82
        CD3-219   mi79b   3-70.3
        CD3-220   mi83    5-97.2
        CD3-221   mi87    4-42.5
        CD3-222   mi90    5-36.7
        CD3-223   mi97    5-13
        CD3-224   mi100   1-16
        CD3-225   mi103   1-137.5
        CD3-226   mi106   1-98.2
        CD3-227   mi107   1-55.7
        CD3-228   mi111   1-55.7
        CD3-229   mi112   4-81.8
        CD3-230   mi116   1-56.7
        CD3-231   mi121   5-8.0
        CD3-232   mi122   4-14.5
        CD3-233   mi123   4-100.9
        CD3-234   mi125   5-60.3
        CD3-235   mi128   4-69.5
        CD3-236   mi133   1-79.3
        CD3-237   mi137   5-69.9
        CD3-238   mi138   5-32.4
        CD3-239   mi139   2-34.3
        CD3-240   mi142   3-38.6
        CD3-241   mi148   2-35.4
        CD3-242   mi157   1-152.6
        CD3-243   mi163   1-52
        CD3-244   mi167   4-42
        CD3-245   mi172   3-3.8
        CD3-246   mi174   5-21
        CD3-247   mi178   3-59.6
        CD3-248   mi184   5-123.2
        CD3-249   mi185   1-125.8
        CD3-250   mi192   1-55.7
        CD3-251   mi193   1-125.8
        CD3-252   mi194   5-96.2
        CD3-253   mi198   4-76.1
        CD3-254   mi199   3-2.2
        CD3-255   mi203   1-35
        CD3-256   mi204   4-13.9
        CD3-257   mi207   3-18.9
        CD3-258   mi208   1-97.7
        CD3-260   mi219   5-44.6
        CD3-261   mi225   3-48.8
        CD3-262   mi230   1-109.2
        CD3-263   mi232   4-102
        CD3-264   mi233   4-38.4
        CD3-265   mi238   2-38.1
        CD3-266   mi259   1-109.2
        CD3-267   mi260   4-78.2
        CD3-268   mi265   1-51.4
        CD3-269   mi268   3-40.3
        CD3-270   mi277   2-65.7
        CD3-271   mi279   4-72.6
        CD3-272   mi287   3-59.6
        CD3-273   mi289   3-25.4
        CD3-274   mi291a  1-96.1
        CD3-275   mi291b  5-67.2
        CD3-276   mi301   4-23.9
        CD3-277   mi303   1-106.7
        CD3-278   mi304   1-109.2
        CD3-279   mi306   4-39.9
        CD3-280   mi310   2-17.9
        CD3-281   mi320   2-9.3
        CD3-282   mi322   5-26.9
        CD3-283   mi323   5-79.7
        CD3-284   mi324   1-114.5
        CD3-285   mi328   2-9.3
        CD3-286   mi330   4-81.8
        CD3-287   mi334   4-39.9
        CD3-288   mi335   5-143.6
        CD3-289   mi339   3-25.9
        CD3-290   mi342   1-76.9
        CD3-291   mi348   1-30.8
        CD3-292   mi353   1-114.5
        CD3-293   mi355   3-9.6
        CD3-294   mi357   3-10.7
        CD3-295   mi358   3-69.8
        CD3-296   mi369   4-139.3
        CD3-297   mi372   1-10.6
        CD3-298   mi386   3-47.6
        CD3-299   mi390   4-25.9
        CD3-300   mi398   2-28.5
        CD3-301   mi403   3-9.6
        CD3-302   mi408   1-109.2
        CD3-303   mi413   3-67.2
        CD3-304   mi418   5-123.2
        CD3-305   mi421   2-18.5
        CD3-306   mi422   4-92.8
        CD3-307   mi423a  1-71.6
        CD3-308   mi423b  5-100.5
        CD3-309   mi424   1-116.2
        CD3-310   mi425   1-143.4
        CD3-311   mi431   4-107.5
        CD3-312   mi433   5-36.2
        CD3-313   mi438   5-26.9
        CD3-314   mi441   1-97.2
        CD3-315   mi443   1-16.6
        CD3-316   mi444   2-18.5
        CD3-317   mi455   2-82
        CD3-318   mi456   3-101.4
        CD3-319   mi462   1-136.5
        CD3-320   mi465   4-66.7
        CD3-321   mi467   3-13.7
        CD3-322   mi473   2-83.6

3. Green fluorescent protein clones from the R. Vierstra laboratory
        (S. J. Davis and R. D. Vierstra. Weeds World vol. 3.)

These useful reporter constructs are now available for distribution. The
original protein was modified for solublization as well as shift of the
spectrum of the fluorescence. The order location for these stocks is
http://aims.cps.msu.edu/aims/menu/search2.html.  The three stocks are:

        CD3-326  soluble-modified GFP
        CD3-327  soluble-modifed and red shifted GFP
        CD3-328  soluble-modified Blue FP

In addition to the above stocks, numbers of new mutants and clones have
been donated and will be available soon.  Notable among these are eight
seedling/embryo mutants from U. Mayer of the G. Jurgens laboratory.  The
donated mutants are gnom, gurke, fass, fackel, keule, knolle, monopterous
and knopf.  Growth and characterization of these mutants is nearing
completion, and they should be available in early December.  We appreciate
all of the generous stock donations of the previous year and remind you
that now is an excellent time to donate new mutants and clones.

Randy Scholl
Keith Davis
email: arabidopsis+ at osu.edu
phone: 614-292-9371

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