Only $1 per month

Ashraf Samir ashraf at
Thu Sep 12 05:46:31 EST 1996

Pay $1 per month and take all that:

1. One allias yourcompanyname at 
2. Your web site will be 
3. Your web site will inlcude all your company details.
4. Your data will be available for all people searching your activity for
further business relationship.
5. Free hosting. 
7. Free listing in over 25 of the Internet's most popular directories.
8. Only 1 US$ per month to be paid annualy in advance.

Ashraf Samir
Tel : 3690548 Cairo Egypt

P.S. Allias means converting any e-mail sent to the allias direct to your
orginal e-mail POP account, that will give you flexibility in changing your
original e-mail in cae of changing your service provider, as the following
Your Allias         Your e-mail
khaled at     khaled at
if khaled changes his service provider to the domain
khaled at     Khaled at
so it is always better to show the allias than showing your e-mail pop
account, so lucky khaled can keep his allias khaled at whatever happens
and forever with only $1 per month. 

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