anthere specific promoter

Chi-kuang Wen ckwen at
Thu Sep 26 14:39:41 EST 1996

Susan K. Cousins (skc13 at wrote:
: Hi,
: I am searching for a promoter that is active in the sporogenouss tissue of
: the anthere prior or/and during meisosis in dicot plants. It can be a
: constitutive promoter or a tissue specific promoter. 

: Rainer Kohler
: Department of Genetics and Development
: Cornell University
: Ithaca, NY 14853
: US

Arabidopsis aconitase/IRE-BP is highly expressed expressed in the anthers, and 
one other pollen-specific pectinesterase is expressed as early in the pollen-
mother cell and always expressed thereafter.

hope this helps.


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