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Arabidopsis Moderator atmod at ucdavis.edu
Wed Dec 10 12:50:16 EST 1997

[Just to make things easier for everyone, this message may be printed (if
possible) by each lab and info made available to every member.]

To everyone,

We get a lot of messages about subscribing and unsubscribing to this
newsgroup and we want to make sure that everybody knows about the different
possibilities to read/post to the newsgroup.

If you have access to a Web browser, we strongly suggest that you read and
post to the newsgroup by using the BIOSCI WWW web site:


The ATnewsgroup is supported by BIOSCI. BIOSCI is a set of electronic
communication forums - the bionet USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail
lists - used by biological scientists worldwide. No fees are charged for
the service. The U.S. BIOSCI site is supported by advertising raised
through this Web site. The U.K. BIOSCI node is supported by the Daresbury
Laboratory. So, by using this web site, you may ensure a long life to this
newsgroup and other usefull BIOSCI newsgroups found at the
http://www.bio.net web site. WWW Interface to the BIOSCI/bionet ATnewsgroup
also includes a complete searchable archive of all previously posted

If you do not have access to a Web browser, you can subscribe to the
Listserv mailing list and receive the posted messages automatically. For
the BIOSCI mailing lists, two (2) different types of E-mail addresses are
used for 2 different purposes. One is for subscribing and unsuscribing to
the ATnewsgroup mailing list and the other one is for posting to that

For those in the Americas and Pacific Rim who want to subscribe to or
unsubscribe from the mailing list, the commands are

subscribe arab-gen
unsubscribe arab-gen

sent to the address biosci-server at net.bio.net.  The command should be
in the body of the message.  Anything on the Subject: line is ignored.

For European, African, and Central Asian users, send the command

sub bionet-news.bionet.genome.arabidopsis
unsub bionet-news.bionet.genome.arabidopsis

to the address mxt at dl.ac.uk.  Again, put the commands in the body of
the message, not the Subject:.

*At both sites the user's address must match the one on the list
*exactly or the process will fail.  For human assistance contact
*biosci-help at net.bio.net in the Americas and Pacific Rim or
*biosci at daresbury.ac.uk for Europe, Africa, and Central Asia.

Once you are on the mailing list, messages to be posted should be sent to
the following addresses:

For European, African, and Central Asian users:
arab-gen at dl.ac.uk

For those in the Americas and Pacific Rim:
arab-gen at net.bio.net

Arabidopsis moderator (Gasser Lab)

More information about the Arab-gen mailing list

Send comments to us at biosci-help [At] net.bio.net