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Tue Feb 25 12:33:39 EST 1997

Dear arabidobians,
I would like to submit an important question.  How do we write the name
arabidopsis ?  I am reading some reports and observing that the most used
forms are: Arabidopsis thaliana (in italics), A.thaliana (in italics),
arabidopsis (non-italics) and sometimes even Arabidopsis (non-italics).
This last form naturally is wrong because if Arabidopsis is a latin name it
should be italicized or underlined, if it is a vulgar name, it should not
have the initial capitalized.
However, about two years ago the ISPMB established that the name
arabidopsis is vulgar, like tomato and sunflower, and thus it should not be
written capitalized and in italics.  This statement therefore has not been
significantly followed by the authors. Why ?
Can we decide finally as to write arabidopsis ?
Cheers.  Fernando.

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