Calibrating EMS mutagenesis in Arabidopsis

Mark Camara mcamara at
Mon Jan 6 11:15:18 EST 1997

I need some advice.  I want to use EMS mutagenesis to introduce genetic
variability into a lab population of Arabidopsis thaliana, but my
requirements are different from usual approaches.  Rather than trying to
induce mutations affecting specific phenotypic traits and then seeking
to identify them, I am working on the POPULATION level and want to
induce an average of 1 point mutation per genome. 

I need this because I want to characterize not specific mutations, but
rather the average impact of a random mutation on genetic architecture. 
Most of what I have read indicates that in the search for "useful"
mutants, that EMS treatent is effective, but that one complication is
that when a mutant is found, the genetic background must be cleaned up
because there can be 2-100 other point mutations in the genome.

Can anyone provide a way to calibrate the EMS treatment so as to produce
this (average) rate of mutation? 

Thanks in advance,

Mark Camara
Botany Dept. U. Tenn, Knoxville

mcamara at

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