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Wed Jan 8 11:35:53 EST 1997

On 1.8.1997 John Turner wrote:

<Dear Fernando

<Regarding growth of Arabidopsis. Our growth cabinets do
malfunction all too
<regularly, and our plants happily survive extremes of 4 to 37
<Arabidopsis also grows outside in this country, on paths and
in hedgerows,
<presumably surviving the wide range of light and temperature
that our
<"summers" provide. My bet is that it will grow outside in
most places. 
<John G. Turner
<School of Biological Sciences
<University of East Anglia
<Norwich NR4 7TJ

Dear John,

I am amazed to know that in England arabidopsis is a summer
plant. here in 
Italy it grows, out of the mediterranean areas, just from
October to March. 
It spends the winter as a rosette and then flowers briefly in
early spring. 
You newer see it in the open on the summer. This is in line
with the optimum 
of temperature that lies between +4 and +22 and with the
long-day photoperiod.


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