Splice site mutations

John Brown# jbrown at scri.sari.ac.uk
Fri Jan 10 06:27:31 EST 1997

Dear Arabinetters,

Sequencing of Arabidopsis gene mutations is providing important 
information on splicing signals and their influence on pre-mRNA 
splicing in plants.  I have recently pulled together information on 
the sequences and splicing behaviour (where available) of a number of 
such mutations - Plant Journal 10, 771-780 (1996).  The Table 
summarising this information will be available in the next few days 
from AtDB at URL:


The characterisation of further mutations in introns and analysis of 
their splicing behaviour will continue to be of great value in 
understanding mechanisms in the splicing process in plants.  For this 
reason I intend to continue to update the original Table in AtDB. I 
would be extrmely for information on mutations in intron or adjacent 
exon sequences which may affect splicing of the pre-mRNA from the 
gene in which they are found.  If you have information which you 
would like to included now (or at a later date) please contact me:

jbrown at scri.sari.ac.uk

Thanks in advance,

Dr. John W. S. Brown,
Cell and Molecular Genetics,
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Scotland, UK.

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