ARABIDOPSIS/bionet.genome.arabidopsis is now moderated

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Mon Jan 13 12:53:47 EST 1997

The newsgroup has been converted to a moderated forum.  The new
charter follows.


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                                BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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IMPORTANT - Status change to moderated for an existing newsgroup!

Information for ARABIDOPSIS/bionet.genome.arabidopsis (moderated)

USENET newsgroup name:  bionet.genome.arabidopsis

Status:                 Moderated

One line Description:   Information about the Arabidopsis project

Moderation address:     bionet-genome-arabidopsis at
                        (arab-gen-moderator at
                         is an alias for
                         bionet-genome-arabidopsis at

Moderators:             Charles Gasser Laboratory

Mailing list name:      ARABIDOPSIS

E-mail addresses:       arab-gen at
                        arab-gen at

Newsgroup Charter: bionet.genome.arabidopsis is a forum primarily for
researchers using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model organism.  However,
researchers doing genetic or molecular biology research in other plant
systems are also welcome to read and post to the group.  The purpose of the
newsgroup is to enable rapid exchange of information between labs around
the world to facilitate progress in research on Arabidopsis and general
plant biology.

Subscribers are welcome from universities or any academic institutions,
government agencies, medical institutions, and industrial or commercial
organizations.  Contributions within the functions outlined above are

Moderation Policy: Mass-posted commercial messages, chain letters, and
similar postings not germane to the newsgroup charter will be deleted
without comment. Inappropriate messages posted in good faith will be
returned to the sender.  Messages not strictly within the charter but
likely to be of interest to many subscribers (e.g., messages dealing
with products specifically of interest to plant researchers) will be
accepted.  Use of the newsgroup for commercial purposes is prohibited.

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