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The following message regards pending legislation that would restrict
student aid to anyone who is not 'born' in the US, regardless of resident
status (even naturalized US citizens)...... What it boils down to is this:
If HR-4 passes,students who are permanent residents, even NATURALIZED U.S.
citizens, will no longer be eligible for financial aid......even though
these citizens, LEGAL immigrants, have been paying taxes all along.  The
qualifying factor for student financial aid, according to 4HR-4, is having
been BORN in the United States....

NOT TRUE! I invite interested parties to check out the bill themselves. The
bill (H.R.4 - Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act) is
available online at the following site.

The proposed legislation, as sent to the President, is restrictive only to
aliens residing in the US, not citizens of the US.(see Sec 421a). The
legislation does NOT make the alien ineligible for financial aid as claimed
above. It merely states that such aliens should be "qualified aliens"

According to HR 4, the term `qualified alien' means ( see Sec 431b):

(1) an alien who is lawfully admitted for permanent residence under the
Immigration and Nationality Act,

(2) an alien who is granted asylum under section 208 of such Act,

(3) a refugee who is admitted to the United States under section 207 of
such Act,

(4) an alien who is paroled into the United States under section 212(d)(5)
of such Act for a period of at least 1 year,

(5) an alien whose deportation is being withheld under section 243(h) of
such Act, or

(6) an alien who is granted conditional entry pursuant to section 203(a)(7)
of such Act as in effect prior to April 1, 1980.

In addition, aliens applying for student aid are required to have their
sponsor or another creditworthy individual who is a United States citizen
cosign for them (see Sec 424).

This is not unreasonable. The vast majority of students who are US citizens
are required to have their parents or some other creditworthy individual
cosign for them. Why should legal aliens do the same?

The idea of this legislation is NOT to prevent legal aliens from receiving
public benefit, but rather to prevent those among them from becoming a
costly burden to society.

Joe Verica

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