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Protecting Our Food Supply:
The Value of Plant Genome Initiatives

June 2-5, 1997, Beckman Center, Irvine, CA, USA
Sponsored by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Organizers:  Michael Freeling and Ronald L. Phillips

Agenda:  Population increase and environmental degradation will
certainly challenge our food supply.   Recent advances in genome
mapping and sequencing, especially in the crop grasses (wheat, oat,
barley, rice, maize, etc.), and new information on the utility of
exotic species, argue that particular plant genome projects might serve
the public good.  This discussion meeting explores the costs and
benefits of genome projects in general, and the potential need for
those related to crop adaptation in particular.

Major talks:  B. Alberts, M. Bennett, *J. Bennetzen, S. Briggs, R.J.
Cook, D. Cox, M. Gale, E. Kellogg, A. McCalla, M. McMullen, S. O'Brien,
*G. Rubin, C. Somerville, many additional distinguished participants
contributing short talks or leading discussions.  Discussion will be
encouraged.  *denotes consultant, including J. Axtell

Registration forms may be obtained from:  Michael Freeling, NAS
Colloquium on The Value of Plant Genome Initiatives, Department of
Plant Biology, 111 Koshland Hall, University of California, Berkeley,
Berkeley, CA  94720-3102, USA    freeling at nature.berkeley.edu    FAX:

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