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I read a fantastic article in the last issue of Atlantic Monthly about
Norman Borlaug, the man who initiated the Green Revolution.  I highly
recommend it; it might be especially useful in a teaching setting, as it
is a very inspiring article.  You can look it up at

Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity

by Gregg Easterbrook

Norman Borlaug, the agronomist whose discoveries sparked the Green
Revolution, has saved literally millions of lives, yet he is hardly a
household name.

AMERICA has three living winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, two
universally renowned and the other so little celebrated that not one
person in a hundred would be likely to pick his face out of a police
lineup, or even recognize his name. The universally known recipients are
Elie Wiesel, who for leading an exemplary life has been justly rewarded
with honor and acclaim, and Henry Kissinger, who in the aftermath of his
Nobel has realized wealth and prestige. America's third peace-prize
winner, in contrast, has been the subject of little public notice, and
has passed up every opportunity to parley his award into riches or
personal distinction. And the third winner's accomplishments, unlike
Kissinger's, are morally unambiguous. Though barely known in the country
of his birth, elsewhere in the world Norman Borlaug is widely considered
to be among the leading Americans of our age.

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