Postdoctoral position

Neil E. Hoffman HOFFMAN at
Wed Jan 22 16:27:03 EST 1997

A Postdoctoral position is available (as of April 1, 1997) to study
the insertion of chloroplast encoded proteins into the thylakoid membrane
using biochemical
approaches.  We are employing an assay where we  synthesize specific
proteins in
chloroplast lysates and reconstitute the targeting of ribosome-nascent
chain complexes to the
thylakoid membrane.  Using this  ribosome dependent assay, we seek to
determine the
factor and energetic requirements for targeting and insertion of specific
membrane proteins.
Applicants should have experience in protein and nucleic acid
biochemistry.  Interested applicants should send a current CV and have
three letters of reference sent to:

Neil E. Hoffman
Department of Plant Biology
Carnegie Institution
290 Panama Street
Stanford, CA 94305

phone: 415-325-1521
fax: 415-325-6857
email: hoffman at

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