chromosome 1 information update

Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Center atgc at
Thu Jan 23 11:44:19 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to make you aware of some new (and hopefully useful!)
information that is now available on our Web site:


DNA sequences from the ends of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC)
clones are now available; 3,556 end sequences from some 1,773 TAMU and IGF
chromosome 1 associated BAC clones.

The BAC end sequence information can be useful for making CAPS or other
DNA sequence-based markers for genetic mapping studies and for preparing
PCR-based probes for map-based cloning studies on chromosome 1.  The sequence
files can be viewed either as text or using a Java-enabled Web browser such
as Netscape Navigator 3, you can view and inspect the ABI trace files directly.

Additionally,  along with a new cumulative list of chromosome 1 associated
TAMU and IGF BAC clones, the results of new "BAC-to-BAC" hybridizations for
several hundred chromosome 1 associated BACs are also available on our site.

Regular updates for both types of data are planned.


January 22, 1997

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