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Wed Jan 29 13:37:17 EST 1997

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DuPont Central Research and Development

We are seeking a biologist with experience in molecular biology
and plant tissue culture to work on analysis of gene regulatory
responses in plants, as part of an interdepartmental program to
develop novel approaches to control plant gene expression (Meier
et al. (1996), Plant Cell 8, 2105-2115).The successful individual
will be involved with different aspects of the analysis of gene
expression in plants, including:

- analysis of protein-DNA and protein-protein interactions
  involved in the control of gene expression, applying a variety
  of in vitro and in vivo assays,
- vector constructions and molecular analysis of transgenic plant
  tissues involving isolation of genomic DNA and
  RNA, polymerase chain reaction, Southern, and Northern
  blotting, enzyme assays,
- plant transformations via Agrobacterium inoculation and
  biolistic bombardment, maintaining transgenic tissues and
  plants, and making genetic crosses.
- library screening, sequencing and the functional analysis of
  gene products.

The candidate should be self-motivated, resourceful, and possess
strong interpersonal skills to interact with others groups in
DuPont CR&D and AgBiotechnology.

Skills and experiences required are:
        -Good laboratory experience in:
                -Recombinant DNA technology
                -Plant tissue culture, plant transformation
        -Bachelor's degree in biological science or equivalent
         work experience
        -Good working understanding of molecular biology and
        -Basic computer skills, including use of word processing,
         spreadsheet, database and graphics software
        -Excellent ability to effectively organize, schedule,
         prioritize, execute, and keep track of multiple tasks
        -Ability to plan and perform experiments according to
         established protocols without close supervision
        -Ability to work in a team environment as well as
        -Good written and oral communication skills
        -Experience or familiarity working with low levels of

The lab is located at the Dupont Experimental Station in
Wilmington, DE. The Experimental Station houses about 4000
scientists working in a variety of science areas. Wilmington's
mid-Atlantic location, about 20 miles southwest of Philadelphia,
is convenient to New York, Washington and other east coast

Please send CV and names of three references (including address,
phone, fax, and email) by mail or email to:

Iris Meier
DuPont Central Research and Development
P.O. Box 80402
Wilmington, DE 19880-0402

Tel.: (302) 695-9234
Fax: (302) 695-4509
email: meieri at

DuPont is an equal opportunity employer.

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