Postdoc position

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Fri Jan 31 12:00:31 EST 1997

A postdoc position is available to study the osmotic stress signaling
mechanism or intracellular trafficking in Arabidopsis.   Currently we
have isolated many osmotic stress induced genes such as genes encoding
calmodulin-like protein, Na/H antiporter, zinc finger protein. Also we
have isolated several clones that complement osmotic sensitive yeast
mutants.  In this projects we would like to characterize these genes
with respect to the osmotic signal tranduction mechanisms in plants.  In
another project, we isolated four isoforms of dynamin-like protein genes
from Arabidopsis and we found that one of the isoforms plays an
important role in thylakoid membrane biogenesis.  We would like to
furhter characterize other isoforms for their in vivo role in the
intracellular trafficking.

The position is at the Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Research Center, Gyeongsang National University, Korea.  The Institute
is the only Scince Research Center devouted for plant molecular biology
supported by Korean Science and Engineering Foundation.

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Inhwan Hwang by e-mail
Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Research Center,
Department of Plant Molecular Biology,
Gyeosang National University,
Chinju, 660-701,
e-mail :ihhwang at

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