setting up a new molecular genetics lab

Mike Wanous mwanous at
Fri Jan 31 18:09:13 EST 1997

Hi fellow plant molecular geneticists:

I am preparing a proposal for start-up funds to set up my own lab at a new
If anyone has done this recently, say the last five years, I would
appreciate a copy of any list you have compiled with needed equipment and
costs.  I could then use your list as a source of ideas for my list.  I am
looking to equip for molecular genetics and cytogenetics.  I will also be
setting up a lab for teaching undergraduate genetics labs.

Any ideas and help would be appreciated.  You may send regular mail or
email.  If you are going to send regular mail please email so I will know
something is coming.  Both kinds of addresses are below.


Michael K. Wanous
Instructor, Postdoctoral Fellow
Biological Sciences
117 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO  65211  USA
phone: (573) 882-4871
fax:   (573) 882-0123
email: mwanous at

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