CAPS/SSLP markers on bottom arm of ch 5

Mannie Liscum mliscum at
Wed Jul 9 18:30:23 EST 1997

Dear Arabinetters,

We're are looking for a few more markers now (this is becoming a habit
I'm afraid!).  We are interested in CAPS or SSLP markers on ch5 south of
nga129 that are able to be used in Col/WS F2 pops.  m555a CAPS marker
looks like it will work for the most distal part of ch5 but the
available data (and our experience) thus far make it look like that's
the only possibility. Any help or info with regard to this would be
great.  Thanks in advance.

Mannie Liscum
Assistant Professor
Div of Biol Sci
mliscum at
office: 573-882-2672
lab: 573-882-2675
fax: 573-882-0123

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