Arabidopsis Suspension Culture

Melissa Melan melan at
Thu Jul 10 12:37:16 EST 1997

Dear Arabinetters,

        Does anyone "out there" have an Arabidopsis suspension culture that
they would be willing to share?  We have been having problems with the
culture supplied by ATCC (we strongly suspect that they sent an old
plate of dead cells).  ATCC has agreed to send us a new culture after
testing them in their lab.....however, this may take a while.  So if
there are any generous souls who would be willing to share their culture
with us we would greatly appreciate it.

        Please respond to my E-mail address (melan at so as not
to clog up the airways here on the net.  Thanks a million in advance!

Melissa Melan
Department of Biological Sciences
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA  15282
(412) 396-5565
(412) 396-5907  FAX

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