Resistance gene-like EST data now on AtDB

shauna somerville shauna at
Tue Jul 15 17:59:55 EST 1997

Dear Fellow Arabinetters,

With the help of David Flanders of AtDB, we have created web pages
containing three tables and a figure showing the identity of
Arabidopsis ESTs with sequence similarity to disease resistance
genes (R-ESTs) and the map positions of these EST clones. The tables
and the figure are derived from the article "Botella et al. (1997) Map
positions of 47 Arabidopsis sequences with sequence similarity to
disease resistance genes", which has been accepted for publication
in The Plant Journal.

The URL for the R-EST web page is:

The R-EST web page can also be accessed via AtDB home page at: .

Due to the size of the tables, we thought that it would be useful to
have the information posted on the web so that the tables can be
searched or downloaded for further analysis. Feedback or comments
from the community would be appreciated.

We encourage anyone with information about R-gene-like ESTs or
leucine-rich repeat containing sequences and their map positions to
send their information to us for inclusion at this web site. We would
be interested in leucine-rich repeat containing sequences for both
candidate disease resistance genes and development genes (such as

Shauna Somerville
for Miguel Botella, Mark Coleman, Doug Hughes, Marc Nishimura and
Jonathan Jones

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