Chromosome 4 sequence

Michael Bevan michael.bevan at
Wed Jul 16 14:11:31 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues

Some of you might have noticed EMBL accessions Z97335-Z97344 inclusive, sent to
EBI on June 15. These are ten 200 kb  contiguous regions from the FCA region of
chromosome 4, between markers COP9 to G3845. The EMBL accessions will be
updated quite soon with EST matches, the latest modifications to gene modelling
and with the cosmid and BAC clone containing the sequence. A graphical version
of the relationship between the chromosome markers, cosmid and BAC clones and
sequence features is being implemented by NASC (Mary Anderson and Sean Walsh)
and Stanford (Mike Cherry and Dave Flanders). This will help you identify the
clones containing your sequence. The cosmid clones and TAMU BAC clones from
this contig will be available from AIMS shortly. The IGF BACs can be obtained
from (the Thomas Altmann lab). Note that our early sequence
only contains TAMU BACs from the original 11 plate library ( the "classic"
collection) which are available from AIMS. Individual TAMU BACs from plates
12-33 can be obtained from Ian Bancroft at JIC, until a distribution policy for
the complete TAM library can be arranged.

BAC sequences from the second stage of the EU project are accessible per
anonymous ftp  (ftp
 subdirectory  CRESS)
and links from our web BAC allocation table are implemented.

These clones are not yet annotated, but their precise collinearity with the
genome is known by matching restriction sites. The sequence must be regarded as
incomplete until annotation is done, as modelling can reveal potential
frameshifts that will be investigated. Once they have been annotated and any
sequence errors corrected they will be sent to EMBL and removed from the ftp

MIke Bevan
EU Arabidopsis Genome Project

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