SEM : pollen, seeds, whole flowers

MELISSA SPIELMAN melissa.spielman at
Mon Jul 21 11:15:15 EST 1997

Dear Chris,
I can give you some advice on SEM of pollen in anthers. We dissected
dehisced anthers into 30% ethanol, and dehydrated them through an
ethanol series (1 x 1 hour in 50%, 70%, 90%, ethanol,  2 x 1 hour in 100%).
 Then they were dried
in hexamethyldisilazene (Polysciences) for 2 x 1 hour, air-dried,
mounted on stubs, and sputter-coated with gold to a depth of 20 nm.
There are some pictures of the results in the early July issue of
Development, Vol. 124 (13), on p. 2651.
Yours sincerely,
Melissa Spielman

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