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Hi everyone,

I asked a while ago for some fixation protocols for SEM in order to have a
look at flower structures etc. Thanks to those who answered. I have been
asked by some of you to forward the answers, here we go.
You can  another protocol on E.Meyerowitz's lab webpage :

These protocols often use phosphate or PIPES buffers for gluteraldehyde
solutions. Our SEM people down here advised me to use sterile distilled
water instead which seems to work as well and don't see the use of a
exposure of the tissues to OsO4 for more than an hour or two especially
when looking at the tissues under high magnification.
I still haven't done any of this work yet and have no expertise to say
that those advises and good or crap, however if some of you have an
opinion in those matters they are more than welcome to share them and lit
those dark corners of uncertainty with the bright light of their wisdom.

Have a nice WE... well week!


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