CAPS marker m555 on chV

Mannie Liscum mliscum at
Mon Jul 21 17:38:47 EST 1997

Dear Arabinetters

Has anyone out there had experience with the CAPS marker m555?  This
marker is supposed to be useful for distinguishing Col and WS.  We have
had problems getting the proper PCR product (150 bp).  We tend to get a
number of bands and it seems variable amoung samples.  The big problem
is that more than one PCR prduct is smaller than the "correct" product,
thus making destinguishing Col and WS nearly impossible after digestion
(Col not digested, WS digested to a 100 and a 50bp product,
supposedly).  If anyone has had experience with this marker and can give
us some pointers we'd appreciate it. There's not much sense in
reinventing the wheel if someone has the blueprints and is willing to
share them!

Thanks in advance.

Mannie Liscum
Assist. Prof.
Div. Biol Sci
University of Missouri-Columbia
mliscum at

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