meristem layer-specific gene expression?

asession at asession at
Tue Jul 22 20:07:02 EST 1997

Hello, this is a follow up to a message posted by Dave Jackson over a year ago
asking about layer-specific gene expression in meristems.  Dave asked if
anyone knew of genes which had layer-specific (L1 vs. L2 vs. L3) expression
and the consensus was that the two best candidates were LTP1 (lipid
transfer protein 1 of Arabidopsis, Plant Phys 105, 35) for L1 and A3 (from
tobacco, Plant J.8(1), 147) for L2/L3.  Another candidate for L1 is the ML1
gene from Arabidopsis (Plant Cell 8(12):2155).  Is anyone aware of other
candidate genes or enhancer/gene trap lines from which layer-specific
promoter elements might be isolated?  I will compile and post the responses
if there are any. Thankyou, Allen Sessions (asession at

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