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(please accept my apology for duplicate transmissions - here is news so
significant to U.S. plant genomics research that it calls for wide

Plant genomics'day on the Hill!

See the updates on the web for the National Corn Genome Initiative
(NCGI), July 18, 1997:
The Current Events section includes news on recommendations for NSF
funding, from the Senate Appropriations committee.
The Open Comments section includes a letter from Mark Sorrels et al.,
and a response.
The Operational Plan for the NCGI, the Request from the National Corn
Growers Association, and additional information on the NCGI are
comprehensively presented in the rest of this web.

See the Congressional Record, July 22, 1997, page S7846:
Go to Thomas, at:
Enter S7846 in the first field and hit Search.
Scroll down to page S7846, S7847 and click on Plant Genome, go back or
forward to review statements of Senators in support of the NSF funding,
which did pass.  Consideration in conference between House and Senate is
expected to follow in September.

In case you are not acquainted with the web for the North American
Barley Genome Mapping Project, current as of July 22, this page deserves
Presents well-developed plans for coordinated research programs.

In case you are not acquainted with the informative web for the
International Triticeae Mapping Initiative, current as of July 22, this
page also deserves viewing:
Presents a comprehensive genomics program and plan for wheat, barley,
and relatives.

For the International Grass Genome Initiative, see:
Describes rationales and program; includes several highly informative
articles and a newsletter.

Hay, let's have a bowl of cereal!
Ed Coe

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