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Michael Sidler msidler at
Mon Jul 28 11:23:51 EST 1997

>Hi everybody!
>I'm looking for sources of brassinosteroids  -  where can I get them?
>Which biologically active brassinosteroids have you used and in what
>I want to supply  this hormone in the media to the plants - any hints or
>specific experiences with that?

Here is  a short compilation of the information I received on this topic:

z-l zheng wrote this address:
        CIDtech Research Inc. in Canada. Fax:(905)891-7660. E-mail:
        busmgr at

Timothy W. Short:
        I was told they are available through Sigma (only epibrassinolide) at
        a reasonable price.

Chris Sommerville:
        You can get brassinosteroid from Rose Scientific - they have an ad in
        the back of plant cell vol 9, may 1997

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