Eric J. Richards richards at biodec.wustl.edu
Mon Jul 28 18:05:37 EST 1997

The participation in the impromptu gene silencing workshop at the recent
Arabidopsis meeting in Madison suggests that there is a significant and
growing interest in using Arabidopsis to study gene silencing and other
epigenetic phenomena.  In order to facilitate communication among groups, I
would like to compile a list of researchers working on epigenetic questions
using Arabidopsis.  The list will be placed on a web page linked to
the AtDB page.  If you would like to be added to the list, please send me
your name, institution, e-mail address, a brief description of your research
interests and a list of relevant publications.  Thanks...

Eric Richards
Department of Biology
Washington University
St. Louis, Missouri  63130
richards at biodec.wustl.edu
(314) 935-7196
(314) 935-4432 FAX

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