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Associate Professor Position

The Research and Education Center for Genetic Information
Nara Institute of Science and Technology

The Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) has been established
in 1992 to conduct high-level modern scientific research and to educate
graduate students. The bioscience section, which is constituted from the
Graduate School of Biological Sciences and the Research and Education
Center for Genetic Information, has 21 well-equipped laboratories, 7 of
which are devoted to plant molecular biology. The staff of each laboratory
is made up of one Professor, one Associate Professor, and two Assistant
Professors. Fifteen to 20 graduate students are working together with
postdoctoral research fellows and laboratory technicians.

The current available position is a full time Associate Professor for
Laboratory of Plant Molecular Breeding. The long-range aim of the research
is to contribute to save the world-wide crises for food and environment.
One direction of the research is to understand plant life, and the other to
create useful plants. The research area is wound signal transduction,
stress response (salt, disease and cold), DNA methylation (gene silencing),
sulfur metabolism, and plant hormones. Plant materials in use are rice,
wheat, poplar and coffee  trees, tobacco and Arabidopsis. We particularly
focus the experiments on rice plant, one of the most important crops
feeding more than half of the world population.

The candidate can independently perform his/her research, but we would
appreciate if he/she selects one of the above research topics, contributing
to the laboratory research aim. The appointment wll be up to three years,
and the duty is to perform excellent research, particularly with transgenic
plants, and to guide the graduate students. Knowledge of Japanese is not
necessary. Salary will be determined according to the salary system for
Japanese Government Employees. Individuals who are interested in this
position are expected to submit CV, a list of publications and names of
three referees by June 30, 1997 to:
Hiroshi Sano, Ph.D. (Professor of Plant Molecular Breeding)
The Research and Education Center for
     Genetic Information
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Ikoma, 630-01 Nara, Japan
Tel: +81 743 72 5650; Fax: +81 743 72 5659;
e-mail: sano at

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