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Carol Auer CAUER at
Mon Jun 16 14:55:12 EST 1997

I am posting this for Gerry Berkowitz.  Please reply to him


Message to any scientist with arabidopsis cDNA libraries.  I have
cloned a low abundance transcript from the Meyerwitz arabidopsis flower library
years ago.  From my experience, cDNAs encoding some ion channels
(which I am studying) are extremely low abundance.  I do not have
access to the library I had been working with.  I have the cDNA
library currently available from the Arabidopsis Center, and another
commercial library.  I would like to obtain the cDNA again from a
library.  If I had to guess, I think it would be more abundant in a
root library, but I am interested in trying to fish my cDNA out of
any library I can get hold of.  In order to help me in my "fishing trip", I was
wondering if I could obtain some other cDNA libraries.  If you can
spare an aliquot of your arabidopsis cDNA library, I would be
appreciative if you could send it to me.  I would be most grateful,
and of course would share whatever library I have in my hands with
anyone out there who needs a sample.  My libraries are lamda Zap I,
but I hope to get a few other libraries, whether they be lambda gt10,
gt 11, ZAP I, or ZAP II.  I am not yet subscribed to the listserv, so
if you wish to reply, send a message directly to my email, which is
gberkowi at  Note that there is a number "one"
after canr in this address.  My mailing address is:
Dr. Gerry Berkowitz
Plant Science Dept.  U-67
1376 Storrs Rd.
Univ. of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06268-4067

My phone is 860-486-5940.

Thanks for your help.
Gerry Berkowitz

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