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Thu Mar 13 19:03:20 EST 1997

The recent request for help in obtaining a CIC YAC filter set suggests that
I need to clarify a few points with respect to our filter stocks. We have
attempted to provide YAC filters to the research community as time allowed
since they are clearly more convient for users who only wish to probe with
a few genes. This was provided as a service and it was not intended that
these filter sets be considered as 'permanent' stock items. Over the past
year or so, we have not been able to have YAC filters available as much as
we would like. This is due to the fact that we simply do not have the
personel available to dedicate to meet the demand for these filters
considering the volume of materials the DNA stock group is now sending out.
Thus, there has been a back order of CIC filter orders going back several

For researchers who can not wait for us to make CIC filters, there are
several other options.  First, you can of course request the library on
plates and prepare filters as needed. We typically can send out the CIC
library within 1-3 weeks after receiving the request. Secondly, we have
other filter sets available that may serve your purpose. For example,
during the last 5 month period, there has only been a 3 week period when we
did not have the TAMU BAC filters available.  Although there is a modest
charge for these filters, they can be used for many of the same
applications as the CIC YAC filters.

We hope that in the relatively near future, we will be able to provide YAC
filters, as well as filter sets from other highly used libraries, on a more
regular basis. Our recent renewal for continued funding has been approved
and includes funds for a robotic system that will allow us to automate
filter production. Once this is in place, we should be able to keep a more
consistant supply of filters on hand.

As always, if you have special needs or problems, just let us know. We will
do our best to find a solution.


Keith Davis

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