FYI:Annotation of Finished Sequences

Eugen Buehler buehler at
Fri Mar 14 20:18:53 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

Annotation of our finished sequence is being done using an high
throughput automated system called GAIA, developed at CBIL. GAIA
currently annotates sequences for similarity to known sequences in the
organism, similarity to ESTs, repeat regions, and GRAIL predicted exons.
Future plans for GAIA include protein similarity (blastx) annotations.

The use of this automated system will have the notable benefit of
allowing periodic re-annotation of the sequence without significant
investments of time. Thus, sequence annotation will reflect both the
latest data (as ESTs and other sequence data becomes available) and
the latest computational methods of analysis.

GAIA anntotation can be viewed through their Java viewer, or for
those with a slow computer or without a Java capable browser, the
annotation can be viewed in various textual formats.

!!!NOTE!!! Your browser may take a minute or two to download
the java classes used to view the annotation. Watch the progress at
the bottom of your browser and be patient.

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