GUS Staining in Pollen

Alan Rose abrose at
Fri Mar 14 20:18:09 EST 1997

" In insertion lines carrying this enhancer trap transposon, I find that more
than 50% of the lines give GUS-staining in pollen, sometimes only in
pollen, sometimes staining in pollen and in other organs/tissues."

Pollen seems prone to artifactual GUS staining, at least in tobacco and
petunia. Mascarenhas and Hamilton (1992, The Plant Journal, 2:405) found
pollen staining in transgenic petunia unless the pollen was separated from
anther tissue before adding X-Gluc. Ectopic expression of GUS has been
observed in tobacco pollen (Uknes et al. 1993, Plant Cell, 5:159). Perhaps
GUS is expressed a little too readily in Arabidopsis pollen as well.

Alan Rose
Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of California
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