Lab Manual is now On-Line

Robert L. Last rll3 at
Sun Mar 23 21:02:01 EST 1997

I am pleased to announce that the laboratory manual used in the
'Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics' Course held at the Cold Spring Harbor
Laboratory on July 1996 is now available on the Web at:

It can also be accessed through the AtDB
( .

Many people contributed to the production of this manual, but the efforts
of Mike Cherry, Curator of the Arabidopsis thaliana Database at Stanford,
deserve special mention because he created the Web formated document during
his free time. This was a huge committment for which we are grateful. We
also thank the individuals who wrote the individual chapters, and taught
the labs during the course. We are also grateful to the US National Science
Foundation for continued support of the course.

We hope that many of you find this to be a useful resource for teaching and
research, and we hope to be able to update this manual periodically.

For more information about this course see:

Rob Last (for co-organizers Xing Wang Deng and Daphne Preuss)

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