Problem with RI map text files

Mike Arnold mike at
Thu Mar 27 11:57:43 EST 1997

Some errors in the TEXT version of the Lister & Dean RI maps have been
brought to our attention. These errors relate ONLY to the TEXT version
of the maps generated during December 1996 which were displayed in the
following locations between December 1996 and March 1997:-

NASC WWW server,
Weeds World Volume 3iii (NASC, Stanford and NAL),
NASC FTP server.
AtDB - Stanford.

At all times the GRAPHICAL display of the maps at NASC and in Weeds
World were correct.

The error occurred during the conversion of the graphical output data
from MapMaker into the text files, and were largely restricted to the
text version of Chromosome 5 although minor inconsistencies on
Chromosomes 2, 3 and 4 were also found. These text files were used by
the AtDB project to generate their version of the RI map. We temporarily
removed the text files from the NASC WWW server and AtDB warned users of
their site while the problem was rectified.

We have now corrected the inconsistencies in the text versions of the
maps and checked all the graphical versions against the text versions to
ensure they have been generated accurately. New versions of the
graphics, postscript files and text files have been placed on all nodes
of distribution at NASC, Stanford and NAL.

We strongly urge anyone who has used the TEXT versions of the maps
displayed between December 1996 and March 1997 to check their working
version with the current version to ensure they are not working with
misleading data.

We aim to provide an accurate mapping-service to the community.
However, errors may, as in any scientific effort, sometimes occur.  We
apologise for the problem with the RI text files and hope this has not
inconvenienced anyone. Thanks are due to those who noticed the mistakes
and brought them to our attention. We shall endeavour to prevent any
similar problems arising in the future.

Mike Arnold and Mary Anderson

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